If you already know how to sew, we would love you to share those skills!


1. You can join the Sew a Softie tutorial hop, by posting a simple softie tutorial of your own.

2. You could organize a community workshop and teach a group of parents, children or both how to sew a softie

3. Teach a friend, relative or neighbour how to sew a softie.



If you’re new to sewing, you can get involved too!


You can follow one of our online tutorials, ask someone you know who can sew to help you learn, or attend a community event – and of course, post a picture of your softie on Facebook or Instagram with the tag #sewasoftie so everyone can see what you have created.


This year I’m also recruiting ‘Kid Ambassadors’ who can join in by teaching a friend how to sew a softie or by hosting a Sew a Softie party. If your kids would like to take part I’d love to have them join in too.


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